ROBALON® is a highly wear-resistant sintered plastic. The long-term sintering process guarantees absolute tension-freeness. Intensive mixing of the raw material ensures a unique homogeneity. Moisture absorption is excluded.


  • gliding
  • food-safe
  • anti-stick surface
  • resistant to chemicals
  • wear-resistant
  • can be used up to -200 °C temperature

ROBALON® is available in the following qualities:

  • „S“ - UV-resistant
  • „W“ - physiologically harmless
  • „Z“ - anti-adhesive surface
  • „FG“ - Food conformity according to DIN 10/2011 /EU
  • „E“ - electrically conductive
  • „GL“ - special abrasion resistance due to glass ball-modification
  • R“ low-priced regenerate, characteristics comparable to “S” quality
  • „C“ with ceramic, similar properties as GL

Field of application

ROBALON® is primarily used in conveying technology, as it is self-lubricating and chain-friendly. In alpine technology, the low temperature resistance combined with UV weather resistance impresses. There is no water absorption = No freezing on! Its unique resistance to chemicals has proven itself in environmental and energy technology.

Due to its resistance to hydrolysis, ROBALON® is used in the food and beverage filling industry. Due to its excellent chemical resistance, many applications arise in chemical and laboratory technology. A very special market is the wood industry, because resin is not bonded. Wear resistance, gliding ability and UV resistance also play a major role.

Applications in the agricultural industry are a new market. Due to the low weight (keyword: soil compaction) of the different prefabricated parts, this special material is highly recommended. But the excellent sliding properties and the fact that no arable soil sticks to ploughshares, for example, also speak for this innovative material.

Smart plastic parts: Lining with wear sensors are possible on special request to achieve fail-safe, or measurements of soil moisture etc.

Examples of applications:

  • conveyor and lifting screws up to 11.5 metres long, especially for biogas plants
  • screw-troughs
  • as sliding skids in harvesting technology
  • packer rollers for soil cultivation
  • construction of funnels
  • lining and slides


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Tel: +49 2953-9666-21
Fax: +49 29539666-22